Top Mountain Crosspoint

In the foothills of the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Pass Road at 2175 meters above sea level, the new Top Mountain Crosspoint was built. A top modern, multifunctional building that hosts a motorbike museum, the base station of the new Kirchenkar mountain gondola, the road toll station and a state-of-the art mountain restaurant with table service.

The Top Mountain Crosspoint can be found in a truly predestinated place. In spring and summer thousands of excursionists drive along the panoramic Timmelsjoch High Alpine Pass Road leading from North Tirol to Italy's South Tyrol. In the winter, superb powder snow slopes await passionate sport fans on the ridges of Kirchenkar.

Motorcycle Museum at Top Mountain Crosspoint

Motorrad Museum am Top Mountain Crosspoint

The highest located motorcycle museum in Europe

Where else if not here? The architecture of the museum is already very remarkable, however due to the combination with the exhibits it is something you simply must have seen – even if you are not a motor cyclist. On 3.000m², about 230 classic motor cycles from approximately 100 manufacturers are presented together with some automobile rarities.


Admission: € 10,00 per person

Free admission for holders of the Ötztal Card or Ötztal Premium Card during the summer months.

Restaurant at Top Mountain Crosspoint

Restaurant am Top Mountain Crosspoint

Culinary north-south summit

A preference for wood flavoured with a pinch of steel, decorated with the view of the Oetz Valley Alps and served with genuine, authentic Austrian and Italian dishes. On top of that, the hosts serve culinary delights and seasonal specialities from both, the North and the South Tyrol. No matter if you order just smal snack, or enjoy a Tyrolean „Marend“ (regional afternoon snack of cold meals), pizza or a full meal – at all times the dishes are lovingly prepared by using the best regional products.




Heavenly Hell Ride

Timmelsjoch Pass and Top Mountain Crosspoint
Alban Scheiber gives it all, speeding up the winding road on his heavy motorbike. Always close to the precipice of the Timmelsjochs pass. The roaring sounds are echoing throughout the upper valley. Adrenalin kicks in a row, providing this very special peak experience. It’s like flying. Alban can feels if his passenger is afraid or not. But I am not a fraidy cat: full speed ahead – is the slogan...

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The Best Things Come In Fours: Top Mountain Crosspoint

A truly ambitious plan to install a Motorcycle Museum, a top modern mountain gondola terminal, a road toll station and a restaurant under one roof.
Attila & Alban Scheiber were convinced about their superb “Top Mountain Crosspoint” project rights from its start. We met Attila Scheiber and wanted to know more about the new showpiece at 2175 meters above sea level.

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