Health & High Altitude Resort

Great bracing climate

Protected by high mountain ranges in the north and south, the annual precipitation recorded for the upper Ötztal valley is only half of the precipitation measured in the Bavaria mountains. Sunshine duration is 10% higher than in Bolzano.

Merano's basin strongly influences the climate in the southern Ötztal Alps, causing moderate temperatues. The timberline in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl can be found at 2,400 meters.


Low allergy & pollen load

Thanks to the bracing mountain air in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl allergic persons enjoy little problems, even in the main pollen season. Moreover dust mites are incapable of surviving at such altitudes as the air is too thin. Already for many years the Institute of Botany at the University of Innsbruck has been counting the pollen load in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. The results show persons suffering from allergies if the available information is used properly according to the individual circumstances.

It's more than just a very "healthy climate"!

Up-to-date pollen information for Obergurgl can be checked at .

Research proves: Holidays in the mountains are good for your health

The secret of the recreational  value of active mountain holidays is, according to Austrian High Altitude Studies, that the human organism mobilizes powers and uses them more effectively.

Positive effects on typical diseases of civilization like high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, overweight and deseases of the cardiovascular system have been scientifically proved for longer hiking holidays in a medium altitude of 1,500 meters - 2,500 meters.

Moreover the positive effects of a mountain experience amidst an unspoilt landscape, including flora and fauna and glacier exploration, add to the person's holistic well-being.

Alpine Medical Research Center at the Obergurgl University Center

The Institute of Sports Science at the Innsbruck University examines the strain on the human organism and the aerobic fitness performance on high-altitude stays. Athletes and sports associations can pursue medically controlled high-altitude training units in Obergurgl. The new Alpine Medical Center features state-of-the-art equipment including ergometer cycles, breath gas analyzer, lactate analyzer and mobile photometer.
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